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Travel Pouch

Travel Pouch

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1 x Travel Girl Pouch
3 x 5mle SKIN DEW Serum 
3 x 10mle SKIN PLUMP Gel Mask 
3 x 30mle SKIN GLOW Silk Mask 
1 x 15mle SKIN SOUFFLÉ Moisturizer 
1 x 15 mle SKIN GELÉE Moisturizer 
2 x 10mle SKIN DETOX Clay Mask 
3 x 2mle SKIN SHIELD Sunscreen 
3 x 30mle SKIN TURNER Age-rewind 360 Retinol Night Mask
3 x 2mle SKIN DROPS Barrier Defending Oil
3 x 2mle EYE CRÈME



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